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By Jane Nambi

Have you ever wondered why men literally distaste romantic movies, well, not just the movies, as well as novels and even songs! A man listening to Celine Dion is a species sent from heaven, trust me! I have often wondered why it is considered unmanly to cry when watching a romantic movie or reading a romantic novel. If you dared to shed a tear, the question would be, are you watching a chic movie?

┬áNaturally, men view themselves as ‘macho’, even in a movie, the chimpanzee looked at itself as ‘macho’ and never settled for less, anyway, they like to be seen as the hard species, I wonder what is so hard about them about from their chests.

Men usually express their manliness on several occasions. When a couple is out on a date, the guy will offer his jacket to the woman because it is cold even though he is freezing, not that i am against it, please continue your consideration. When walking along the streets, the man usually walks next to the by-passing cars and lets the woman walk on the other side as though the cars won’t knock him over.

It is even pushed further to family in Uganda. Under no circumstances should a woman have more money than a man, if she does, it is a big turn off for a man, literally. Back to the movies, a close friend of mine, Robert, not real name, was disgusted by the movie ‘The Notebook’. Commenting about it, he said, “What is romantic about two people meeting under a tree, separate after a while, meet again under the same tree, get married, have children and then die together in bed?” What I should have replied then was, it was romantic because of its simplicity.

Maybe men do not like romantic things because they do not understand why women view them as such. Romantic, according to the Oxford English dictionary, gentlemen is, showing or regarding life in an idealized way. Men are usually not open to simple things in life, a walk in the park or cooking with your partner is seen as wastage of time. If romantic could be watching football in a crowded stadium with pick-pockets loitering around and a bunch of other sweaty people around, then men would jump at the idea.

But, simple in a woman’s worked is romantic and may be that is why men avoid it, because many women do it therefore it is associated with women. Crying over a romantic movie is not a sign of weakness; it simply is showing your feelings. Tears are simply words the heart can’t express, how can you express watching a woman ready to be married to the love of her life being told that he had an accident on his way to the wedding? Men would probably say tough luck but women will just cry because maybe they identify themselves with the loss that the woman feels at that particular time.

I would like to rephrase the question from why do men hate romantic movies to why do men hate showing their feelings. A man with a romantic streak in him attracts women like a moth to a flame. Women love men who are able to express their feelings freely.

Long ago, a man who had the strength to hunt and win several wrestling matches in the village was looked at as awesome, but today, one who loves staying at home helping his partner prepare dinner is a joy to the woman’s heart. Learn from the animals, they always leave the female to fend for the family, but since you are human beings, let it be once in a while. Remember, Joy comes from your potential, Will Schultz, give your women that joy.