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By Sandra Birungi

Didier Montalvo or Turtle Boy was given delivered with congenital melanocytic nevus. The mole like structure is found on his back which made it impossible for him to play with other children or treated as an equal. He stayed with the condition for 6 years until a surgeon, Neil Bulstrode came to his aid and carried out an operation to rid him of the mole. Meet Didier Montalvo, before and after.

Didier Montalvo and mother Luz


Didier Montalvo sitting with mother Luz

Didier Montalvo's birthmark

Surgeon Neil Bulstrode to operate on Didier Montalvo

Doctors operating on Didier Montalvo to remove the mole

Didier Montalvo after the operation

Didier Montalvo clearly happy after the operation