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By Maureen Nakigozi

All is not well with Ansaana singer, Martin Nkoyoyo aka yoyo.Over the weekend, yoyo’s new girlfriend attempted to commit suicide after reading in the news papers that Yoyo had got another woman besides her.

Yoyo and Mbabazi at the clinic

Tash Mbabazi, an actress,  drunk poison and she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition by the relatives.

It is alleged that one of Mbabazi’s friends told her that it is all over the news that Yoyo has got himself another girlfriend they identified as Maggie Mutesi.

Mbabazi immediately called Yoyo’s phone and asked him to confirm the newspaper rumours but all he told her was not to give him stress and he switched off his phone.

She called him again but Yoyo refused to pick his phone and she decided to take poison.

Mbabazi was rushed to St Joseph clinic in Kitende on Entebbe road and according to the medical officer Berinda, Mbabazi was brought in time and she was put on drip.The officer further said that she drunk a pesticide solution.

Mbabazi said that she thought Yoyo had dumped her because he refused to listen to her and had spent a lot of time without checking on her that is why she attempted to commit suicide.

Yoyo confirmed  that Mutesi is only a friend not a lover.