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By our reporter

For those who wondered why  Bebe Cool has not accumulated a lot of possessions like his music contemporaries ,his rival Bobi Wine blames it all on Zuena Kirema.

The Ghetto President says according to Bukkede ,that the lavish lifestyle of ‘Big Size’s  wife Zuena could be eating up Bebe Cool’s money. “Zuena is not a developmental wife but a spender” He thinks this is the only reason why Bebe’s  dime does not pile up  to lead him to mansions like his colleagues- some of whom-him ‘Bebe’ claims he led to Uganda’s music industry.

A source close to the two artists says Bobi Wine  got to know Bebe Cool way back in primary school .They attended the same school Kitante Primary School in Kamwokya .

Bobi says  right from primary, Bebe  used to brag a lot about being a minister’s child and they used not to beat him.

“Bebe is still focusing on the wealth his father accumulated forgetting that he has to come up and start his own, he is now a father and a grown up man.”He says

“Bebe thinks that he will one day get a lot of money and buy his own house in places like Kololo but that might not be easy,” Bobi told Bukedde Uganda’s local daily

Bobi Wine says the time he used to buy plots of land in their early days into the music limelight -Bebe used to perceive Bobi as old fashioned.

At one point he (Bebe) got to know that Bobi fetches water which make bricks out of which he built his (bobi) mansion,to Bebe it was a silly thing.

Bobi Wine's Mansion

It is said that Bebe Cool is that one who took Jose Chameleone and Bobi wine to Kenya from where they started their successful career. They would not have been known if it wasn’t for Bebe.

Chameleone House

Bebe Cool is one of the most paid musicians if someone one wants him to perform at a concert and he has also got lots of money from his concerts.

Comparing Big size’s wealth with that of his colleagues ,that of Bobi wine and Chameleon’s ,the two  have beaches, mansions, plots of land and rental houses yet him Bebe has even failed to finish his house he started building three years ago.

Bebe's House in Kiwatul: Photo by Bukedde

Bebe cool has a house under construction in Kiwatule, a Hummer, a Discovery he bought for Zuena, his house in Ntinda on stretcher road.

Bebe's House in Ntinda

To invite Bebe Cool to perform at a concert one has to part with more than 1,000,000/-.  Every year he organizes concerts like the East African Carnival every Easter Monday and ‘Tondeka e Kiwatule’ scheduled on Boxing day from which gets lots of money.

Close ties to  Bebe Cool  say he is generally a big spender. His hummer consumes a lot of fuel, and his wife Zuena is  a spendthrift.

Bebe Cool's hummer

Zuena has so far spent 3 months in USA from where she is to give birth. Bebe is also building for Zuena’s mother a house which is consuming lots of money.

Zuena being the one of the most beautiful woman in Uganda, Bebe spends a lot to maintain her appearances.


  1. Ronnie mulindwa says:

    I want 2no abt da music curruer ov da 3stars

  2. lyon joe says:

    it will take him(bebe) a lot time to stretch him arm to these wise and prospering hunks(bobi, chameleon)

  3. zoker katumwa says:

    When u marry a half cast,like Zuena,u can never be the same person.by the time Bebecool wakes up,it will be to late to catch up with his rivals.

    1. damalie says:

      dts awesome inform him

  4. Faith says:

    Leave Bebe cool alone, You can’t rush Him, He is a visionary man.

  5. Ankunda Pat says:

    Who said that ZUENA is one of the most beautiful women? I look at it as being false? Many girls are beautiful bt don’t seek popularity. Being beautiful doesn’t mean that u shd make the man spend all his dime on u, otherwise bebe will begin wearing torn clothes.

    1. Micheal lawrence says:

      Bebe’z jst a head; he will make wonders to the rushing cats.