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I may now come clean that the Ugandan society is more transparent than I used to know it sometime back before the onset of the now must watch agataliko Nfufu.I am also right to say that these high impact stories, revealing death at its worst have not obstructed me from watching the traditional crime stories, Daily politics of parliamentarians or any thing. Though I can not also say that “Agataliko nfufu is winning me over”

On my discussion today, I will begin with highlighting to you and for my self at least-how better I understand the Ugandan society. First – that when I see some one drawing closer to me with a panga or a big stick,I give him or her space after all ,I have seen and heard many stories ,……that a man slaughtered all his children from the garden ,and  proceeded home to slaughter the wife as well……that  a man set his house ablaze with all his family members inside…So that is how my society is.

Let me only express my disenchantment over my familiarity with agataliko nfufu.On the occasion where an eleven year old boy hacked a seven year old playmate to death, I wonder where this boy learnt this ‘skill’ of hitting- hard a fellow to death. May be he had analysed a scene of a mob beating up to death a thief or suspect…..and even burning him and rarely her to death. My caution whether deferred or not, goes to my fellow parents and guardians that….. as much as these little ones cry hard to be allowed to watch this daily mêlée of agataliko nfufu ,they should be given sweets instead and guided to their bed room. After all it is at 10:00pm, and sleeping is the precise thing for them to do, otherwise, we shall see more of agataliko nfufu in minors.

To organisation heads and leaders at all levels. Not everyone who is moving with his head high and carrying on daily errands well is healthy. There is a need to provide counseling services free of charge on a periodic basis to put people back to appropriate thinking. To prevent them from behaving as those we have watched committing suicide ,burning and killing their wives, exhuming the dead in broad day light …let me end here ,more of you have watched agataliko nfufu.In our society ,we have more mentally sick people in our society than I had ever known. Can I blame this to the hard economic times; frustrations – growing in Uganda as a result of the high rate unemployment, increased immorality and family break ups? I don’t know.

Posted By  Mujune Ahura Mark