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By Maureen Nakigozi

Princess Ruth Komuntale in July is set to get officially married to her African American boyfriend, Christopher Thomas.

But many Batooro are not joyful with the decision because Thomas is a foreign man who does not understand the norms and culture of the land.

The elders claim that Komuntale will defy culture if she gets married to the foreign man.


Many elders are proposing that the princess should find a Mutooro man to get married to in order  to be granted the blessings in her marriage.

One of Komuntale’s aunties, said that they were willing to find a suitor for Komuntale and have started looking for one among the prominent families in Toro with a good reputation, but were shocked to learn that she already has someone else.

“We have many handsome and well brought up boys in our land, I don’t understand why she could find not a man here.” Princess’s auntie said.

However the princess says: “I have a right to choose a man I love, the one I know I will spend the rest of my life with because marriage is a lifetime commitment. I don’t want to get married to someone I don’t love because I am a princess and people should not base on culture to tear my heart apart…It is not because I don’t respect my culture, but I also have to follow my heart.”

On many occasions, the elders of Toro kingdom have criticized Komutale’s behaviors especially when she started modelling, the dress code, saying that it is a shame to the entire kingdom.

“We were trying to come to terms with her dress code and character, and now she says she is wedding a Muzungu man. In my opinion, this wedding should not take place,” One of the elders said.

Princess Komutale with her Boyfriend Thomas

Despite of the criticism,  a section of Toro leaders and the Queen Mother, Best Kemigisa, have been meeting in King Oyo’s palace in Munyonyo a Kampala suburb to discuss Komuntale’s wedding preparations.

The meeting was seen as a change of mind by some top officials of the kingdom regarding Komuntale’s love interest.

Whether Thomas will be accepted in Toro Kingdom and welcomed by the King’s subjects remains a subject of debate as many Batooro are not happy with Komuntale’s choice of a husband.


  1. Rogers Mujuni says:

    Those elders should leave the princess to marry the man of his heart because they will get for her the man whom she doesn’t want and that will tear her life apart.Thanks

  2. Mugarura godfrey says:

    Engonzi tibazihambiriza,omutima gusimire ogu, nuwe mali. Kuba ya somiire hanu yakubaire amanyire Aboojo baitu aba Tooro.

  3. NKOJO MOSES says:

    what we should know love is something so strange and it can not be bought or forced coz its from the bottom of someones heart. Let the princess do according 2 heart.

  4. JULIO says:

    she shd follow her HEART not da elders words


    Ninsaba abantu abakuru aba Tooro,(ELDERS) batusobororre emigenzo, n’emirwa ya Tooro etarukusobozessa Princess Komuntale okuswerwa omuntu atarukuruga omunyamahanga. Kandi kiki ekyakubaire kikozirweho omubitokati ogu kutahaba rundi okutabaijuka. Mutukonyere abakuru. Mutyo muno.