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Fugates of Kentucky: Skin Bluer than Lake Louise

Fugates of Kentucky,their skin is Bluer than Lake Louise (ABC News photo)

Benjamin Stacy frightened maternity doctors at his birth due to the colour of his skin in 1975 and he was rushed to University of Kentucky Medical Center.

The Boys’s grandmother suggested to doctors that he looked like the “blue Fugates of Troublesome Creek.” Relatives described the boy’s great-grandmother Luna Fugate as “blue all over,” and “the bluest woman I ever saw.” Susan Donaldson James reported in Yahoo news

Six generations after a French orphan named Martin Fugate settled on the banks of eastern Kentucky’s Troublesome Creek with his redheaded American bride, his great-great-great great grandson was born in a modern hospital not far from where the creek still runs. The boy inherited his father’s lankiness and his mother’s slightly nasal way of speaking.

Benjamin lost his blue tint within a few weeks, and now he is about as normal looking a seven-year-old boy as you could hope to find. His lips and fingernails however  still turn a shade of purple-blue when he gets cold or angry a quirk that so intrigued medical students after Benjamin’s birth that they would crowd around the baby and try to make him cry. “Benjamin was a pretty big item in the hospital,” his mother says with a grin. According to rootsweb.

ABCNews.com said it was unable to determine if Benjamin Stacy is still alive — he would be 37 today. Trost writes that he eventually lost the blue tint to his skin, but as a child his lips and fingernails still got blue when he was angry or cold.

Dark blue lips and fingernails are the only traces of Martin Fugate’s legacy left in the boy; that, and the recessive gene that has shaded many of the Fugates and their kin blue for the past 162 years.

They’re known simply as the “blue people” in the hills and hollows around Troublesome and Ball Creeks. Most lived to their 80s and 90s without serious illness associated with the skin discoloration. For some, though, there was a pain not seen in lab tests. That was the pain of being blue in a world that is mostly shades of white to black.

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Paul Karason has a blue skin

Paul Karason started turning blue more than a decade ago after he used a silver preparation to treat a bad case of dermatitis on his face that broke out due to stress when his father died. He took the silver in colloidal form that he produced himself, using electrolysis

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Rosemary Jacobs,her skin started turning blue when she was eleven years old

Rosemary Jacobs’s skin also turned blue when she was eleven years old when her mother mentioned to an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist that she always had a cold. He told her that it had to be allergies and prescribed nose drops that contained silver with instructions to take them, its from that medication that her skin started turning blue.