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By Maureen Nakigozi

Valu Valu singer Jose Chameleone is delighted after his wife Daniella Atim gave birth to a baby girl.

The baby girl has been named Alba Shyne Mayanja.

Daniella gave birth to the new princess of Leone Island on Tuesday.

Chameleone has now three children with Daniella. His first born Abba Marcas is 7 years now, Alfa, 4, years and Alba (the new Born)

Chameleone married Daniella in 2008. Their wedding was fabulous with a chopper taking them to church. They had cohabited for 4 years before officially getting married.

Daniella Atim in August divorced Chameleone when he changed his religion to Islam from Christianity.  She went to her father’s home in Biina Luziira and stayed there for a few weeks which forced Chameleone to denounce Islam.

Daniella met Chameleon at Allegators Bar at Garden city in 2002 while  she was still at Campus and she moved in to stay with him after one year of dating.

She is a staunch catholic and her father is Fr. John Scalabrini,  he is a priest at a catholic church in Luzira Biina and he is the leader of the seminary found in Luzira.