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Just a day after a photo of the so called Rose Nansikombi pictures were published, the Kingdom of Buganda has come out to say that they were fake. UgandaPicks had also published those pictures after being assured by a the New Vision that the  first pictures released were of  Nansikombi Rose, the mother of Kabaka’s son.

In a twist of events, Buganda Kingdom has come out  and dubbed the pictures of  the New Vision and Bukedde as  fake, claiming that they just wanted to make money from the un suspecting people who had a growing desire to see the mother of Kabaka’s son.

It now turns own that the Pictures which were published yesterday belong to a one Barbara Patience Kirabo who has no relationship with the Kabaka at all. To make it worse, the New Vision and Bukedde assured the public that the pictures were real photos of Rose Nansikombi which they had obtained from reliable sources.

Rose Nansikombi is Patience Kirabo

Patience Kirabo- She is not Rose Nansikombi

It is a real fact that the New Vision and Bukedde made huge sums of money yesterday from the sale of their papers. The advertisement for people to buy the two papers were aggressively made on Vision group avenues like Bukedde TV including Agataliko Nfunfu.

Buganda Kingdom yesterday disputed the authenticity of the photographs that were published in the state-owned The New Vision, and its sister publication vernacular daily – Bukedde purporting to be the mother of Kabaka’s new son, Prince Richard Ssemakookiro.

Mr David Mpanga, the Buganda deputy Attorney General, while disputing the authenticity said Kabaka Ronald Mutebi, will however, not comment on the matter. “These people never learn. They also poke their hands in the hollow,” Mr Mpanga said without giving details, saying Kingdom Attorney General, Apollo Makubuya would give the final position.

Mr Makubuya said the Kabaka has no intention to sue the media house that published the story but warned them to desist from using Buganda Kingdom affairs to meet their ‘selfish’ economic gains. “The Kabaka will, at an appropriate time, present the mother and the prince to the public. They just need time to sort out cultural issues,” Mr Makubuya said.

Demanding apology
But city Lawyer Francis Harimwomugasho, who represents Barbara Patience Kirabo, whose photograph the New Vision allegedly published, said her client, a mother of one, was injured and is seeking an apology.

“Our client Barbara Patience Kirabo whose photograph appeared disassociates herself from a relationship with the Kabaka and the new born prince. She is a Muganda like any other but not the mother of the prince,