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Uganda News picks brings you the list of five best Ugandan Musicians, selected basing on talent, consistence in the music career, popularity and creativity.

Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namibiru

Iryn Namubiru says that she always had a passion for singing since her childhood .All this passion has been revealed in her music since she joined Uganda’s music industry in 1995 when she joined Ragga Dee and Messe to release a single.

In 1999, she joined Juliana Kanyomozi, together they formed the R&B all-girl group called I-Jay. Iryn left for France and the I-J group was disbanded. While in France, she formed the Afro-Soul group Nujeli together with Julien Grout and they released songs like Nsangi, Eko, Ensi and Baami Baffe. But these songs were not successful in Uganda. Later on, Iryn joined Bebe Cool in the songs Simbalala and Lwaki Onzannyilako?.

In 2006 she released her album Nkuweeki and rose to the top of the Music ladder up to now she has retained her self there with songs like Y’ono, Lwaki, Bonna Obasinga “Begombeko”, “Birowoozo. 2011, Iryn won in four categories of the 2011 PAM (Pearl of Africa Music) Awards. She won in the categories of Artist of the year, Female Artist of the year, Album of the year and Best RnB single of the year. During the Diva Awards 2011 at Theatre LaBonita, Iryn Namubiru was declared the Super Diva of the year.

She got three accolades which included Best R&B diva; Super Diva of the year and the Diva Collaboration of the year 2011, in which she teamed up with Julie Mutesasira.

Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi was born on 27 November 1981 in Fort Portal, western Uganda. She rose to fame in the late 1990’s in the I-Jay group she had formed with Iryn Namubiru. Their single hit Vive la Vie was a popular record on Ugandan radio stations at that time. Unfortunately the duo disbanded, Juliana launched a solo career and has released popular songs like ‘say yes’,Nabikoowa ,’Nkulinze’,Gwewange’ Other songs include ‘Diana’ (originally released by the late Philly Lutaaya), ‘Seven Days.’

She has collaborated with many artists in successful songs like Tata Wabana yani (with Bobi Wine), Usiende (with Bushoke), ‘Taata Wa Baana Yaani?’ (Who is the Father of he Kids?) And “Maama Mbiire” with Bobi Wine. “Sirinaayo Mulala” and with Klear Kut they released “All I Wanna Know”.

In 2008 Juliana won the artiste of the year award in the Pearl of Africa Music Awards. Some of her recent hot hits include; ‘Kantambule Nawe’ ‘Nkyanonya’ ‘Alive again’, ‘sanyu lyange’ ‘Nterede’ , ‘gwewange’among others

Judith Babirye

Judith Babirye

She has set her self apart as the queen of gospel music in Uganda. She joined the gospel music industry soon after campus in 2001. With her song ‘yesu beera nange’ in 2006

She came to the limelight. Since then she has at least released the best songs played on different radio and televisions in Uganda. Her ‘wanjagala’ hit lifted her higher when both Christians and non Christians became found of her.

Some of her songs include ‘Yesu Asobola, ‘Ninda yesu’, ‘Ekitibwa kyo mukama’‘Yenze’, ‘Mbaga’ common at different weddings, ‘number one ’,omusayi gwa yesu’and ‘mama’ which is both emotional and interesting song to  all mothers.

Mariam Ndagire

Mariam Ndagire

She is one of Uganda’s most progressive contemporary female artists; she is both a good actor and musician with the sweetest Luganda love songs. Ndagire launched her acting career while still a student at Kampala High School with the Black Pearls at the then Riverside Theatre.

She has songs like; ‘Mulongo Wange’, ‘Bamugamba’, ‘Nkwagala,’ ‘Abakazi Twalaba’, ‘Mwana Wange’, ‘Bakikakase’, ‘Nkusibiddawo,’ Maama, ‘Byonna Twaala,’ Majangwa , ‘kiki onvuma’ and many more.

With ten albums already to her name, her simplicity, her sincerity and her vulnerability about love, relationships, abused love and trust as well as her original, straight from the heart songs still makes her one of the best female artists in Uganda.

She is described as one of the best multi-talented Ugandan entertainers today. Others term her as one of Uganda’s most progressive contemporary female artist.

Angela Kalule

With her beautiful voice, she has produced exciting pop music for Ugandans. She has released a couple of singles and they are fast climbing up the popular charts. Her song ‘Katikitiki’ was the song of the year 2011.  Her hit ‘Njagala’ is another popular song.



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