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Six pastors who accused Pastor Kayanja of Sodomy have been summoned by the Buganda road court to file their defense after court ruling that they have a case to answer.

Buganda Road Court grade one Magistrate, Patrick Wekesa ruled that the six pastors have to file their defense by December 19th to defend whether Pastor Robert Kayanja was involved in a sodomy act or not.

In the ruling Magistrate Wekesa said that he adequately analyzed written submissions presented by both the prosecution and the defense and found a prima facie case.   ” The accused are hereby put on defense. You are free to make sworn in  statements. But you have to be warned that if you do so, you will be cross examined.” He said

Pastor Solomon Male, Pastor Martin Sempa, Pastor Micheal Kyazze, Robert Kayiira allegedly accused pastor Robert Kayanja of sodomizing boys at his church.

According to the Prosecution, the accusations were made in 2008 and 2009 in a move to tarnish Pastor Kayanja’s personality and reputation.

During the trial 21 witnesses were produced by the prosecution including the  alleged victims of sodomy. Pastor Robert Kayanja was the last witness produced by the prosecution.

How the case begun.

Sodomy allegations against Pastor Robert Kayanja started in 2008.

Samson Mukisa, 19 and Ivan Akansiima, 22 alleged that Kayanja had sodomized them, while David Mukalazi 36, Ronnie Mutebi, 21, Robson Matovu and James Brian Ntwatwa, 24, said he attempted to sodomize them.

Mukisa alleged that he was sodomized the previous year after a music competition at Kayanja’s Church.

In a strange twist of events, however, the ‘boys’ retracted their statements, saying they had been paid to frame Kayanja. This prompted a thorough Police investigation into the matter.

The investigations, overseen by Grace Akullo, the then acting police commissioner in charge of general crime, did not find any evidence of sodomy or attempted sodomy, except on Mukalazi.

The police said the complainants had been mobilized to make false accusations against Kayanja.

Last month James Ntwatwa, an independent witness in the case, disowned an audio confession in which he had reportedly said Kayanja attempted to sodomize him.

The recording was purportedly fabricated by one of the accused pastors. in January, the accused pastors were charged at Buganda road Court in Kampala.

They pleaded not guilty.