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Though he seems to be a bit afraid the Ugandan Kick boxing champion Moses Golola has vowed to beat the Hungarian Andras Nagy.

He has already pronounced himself the intercontinental kick boxing champion.In the fight which is expected to kick off at 6pm today at Hotel Africana.

Golola’s opponent Andras Nagy arrived in the country on Monday and has been training at Hotel Africana

The Kick boxing champion  Moses Golola has confirmed that he is  ready for the world title fight and only hours are left for him to be announced the world kick boxing champion.

Nagy said that he knows Golola has a home advantage but he is to aim at winning. He confirmed that this was his first time to fight an African whom he knows very well that he is very aggressive and physical but he promised to rely on his great skills to win him.

Nagy admitted that he has seen Golola’s fighting videos and he has mastered the tactics he is using to win the fights.

Since Friday Golola has been sleeping in the ring and has been spending sleepless nights training for the fight.

He said that he decided to sleep in the ring because that is where the job is to be completed. That if he gets away from there he might get distracted.

Golola spent over two weeks training in the high altitudes of Kabale. He was reportedly crashing stones, kicking trees , swimming and climbing the Kabale hills.

He has also vowed to train and sleep in the rain until he is done with the fight.Golola is the  most popular sportsman in the country at the moment.

He threatened that the Hungarian should  make a will before he enters the ring.

Golola has a good fighting record with 14 wins, 12KOs, 1 draw and 2 losses.

Who is Nagy?

Nagy started his kick boxing career in 2001 while still at high school.

He has had 20 fights, in which he won 12 times, with 6KOs and 12 losses.

He admits that Golola is a great fighter but he is sure that he will win him because he has fought aggressive fighters like him and won.


  1. Jikany Joseph says:

    People talk and talk but they cannot do the walk, so Golola u talk too much and u have seen the result

    1. Jikany Joseph says:

      Am so sorry for what happened Golola