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The  awaited kick boxing match  between Uganda’s ‘Robot’ Speaker Moses Golola  and Andres Naggy ended on a sad note for many Ugandans.

Golola  ended up being the loser. The man who had promises to bring happiness to many Ugandans who are still in shock after losing out on the African Cup of nation could not leave up to his promise.

Golola Moses  results

Golola Moses Ended in a Controversy

However, the kick boxing match ended in a controverycy as the Judges showed that Golola had won, while  the referee said it was Naggy

The Master of Ceremony, Pastor Roger Mugisha announced a unanimous judges’ decision in favour of the Ugandan.

The win was quickly reversed by the referee, who gave the win to Naggy with the same points sparking off a protest from Golola’s technical team and fans.

Golola’s technical bench stormed the ring demanding that the match judges from Sudan and Kenya announce the result again. The three judges had given the winner 49-46 unanimous decision.

According to the Golola team “It should be the judges and not the referee to announce results. That was wrong decision.” They argued

More controversy came in when One of the Kenyan judges over ruled the referee, who doubles as the president of World Kickboxing Federation (WKF) president and Chief Executive officer Fritz Exenberger and gave the win again to Golola.

It was a real mess all up to the end since Exenberger, who had been accused by the angry fans and the Golala team had to be escorted out of the venue by top government security officers.

The judges insisted that Golola had won the  match with  48-46, 49-46, 49-46 points


  1. Angel Violet says:

    Can we do a rematch! Apparently am not sure who won anyway!

  2. Izakare says:

    Moses Golola has talked big and i expect his performance to be more that what we watched yesterday, he needs to put more effort and be more technical if he is going to get engaged in another professional and international duties. Many Ugandans could not believe if it was the man who went to the rocks and trained for days.

  3. Andy says:

    Yes, a rematch has been set, we will now be able to see who really won. Though we think Golola took it

  4. solomon wanjekeche says:

    The hungarian one, its all about tactics not too march force.

  5. Kadir says:

    Those who were giving the win to golola are just out of their senses because there was nothing too technical there that a win could be debated upon,even the old men and women could give the win to the Hungariand SHAMELESS GOLOLA was a total loser