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South-African Based Socialite and businesswoman turned musician Zarinah Hussein also known as the boss lady among her fans and followers will legitimize her long-term relationship with boyfriend and father of her children, Ivan Semwanga in a Kwanjula (introduction) ceremony of the latter next month.

Sources down south say the couple is shopping massively and are spending sleepless nights preparing for larger-than-life function, which is expected to be glamourous as can be.

 Zari was born 30 years ago to Nasur and Halima Hassan in Jinja. Her father is half Burundian and half Somali and her mother is half Indian and half Mutooro.

She moved to Kampala in 1998 and later stayed in the UK for two years where she did a cosmetics course. She came back to Uganda in the year 2000 before relocating to South Africa where she met Ivan Semwanga, the father of her kids.

The name Zari is short form from her full name Zarinah; her real name is Zarinah Zaitun Hussein. She is a beautician from the Cosmetology School of Girls in Woodgreen, United Kingdom.

Though she grew up in a Muslim family of six girls and two boys, this didn’t stop Zari Hassan from pursuing her dream of being a musician during her early years. She has just released a 12-track album with hits like ‘Toloba’ and ‘Hotter Than Them’.

Zari’s music is basically driven by her beauty and money. She started her music journey way back in 1998 with karaoke at DV8 and Sabrinas Pub which she did for fun. Her first single dubbed ‘Oli Wange’ was released in 2007 and this was nominated for channel O awards in the Best East African Video category. She did not get the award but this boosted her ego.