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Judith Babirye

1.    Babirye released her debut album, Wambatira, the same year she graduated from Makerere University.

2.    Babirye has never tasted beer in her life and she cannot stand its smell. In her fridge you will find apples, passion fruits, lemon and lots of water.

3.    Babirye always has to explain to fans that she is the same person they see on music videos. She claims she looks younger in person.

4.    She has been with only one man in her entire life, her estranged husband Niiwo

5.    During the presidential campaigns, she flew with the president in his chopper for a week and later had a private dinner with the first lady at her country home.

6.    Babirye is a very good swimmer. She says it is the only sport that relaxes her and keeps her fit both physically and vocally.

7.    She became a Born Again Christian while in her S.1 in 1992.

8.    The anthem at Ndejje S.S was composed by Babirye while in S.2. She also composed the anthem at Iganga S.S

9.    Her daughter, Nana who is in pre-primary has been undergoing intense vocal training and her debut song is expected this Christmas

10.    She will be launching her new album, Webale maama, next Friday at Serena Hotel.


  1. grace says:

    she is bless preson throught her music

  2. Sikela Namangolwa says:

    I have been inspired by her music n listening to it lightens my soul and gives me hope for the future! Though i dont understand the language in the lyrics her music is my first choice. Sikela(zambia).

  3. Esther Joanne Nimwesiga says:

    Judith Babirye is an example of what a typical African woman goes through, but she has manged to fight and win her battles through the help of God! She is one of my inspirations.

  4. THEMBO JOSEPH says:

    Sikelela N. what u have passed thru in hearing judith babiryes songs is exactly what even her countrymen have passed. her songs when played have fetched so many hearts me iclusive. thannk u for loving ugandan gospel.

  5. nabisaalu elizabeth says:

    she is blessed