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Ugandans regret the evils privatisation has had their country. Let us begin by defining the term afresh .Privatisation is the transfer of the government services or assets to the private sector .With Privatisation, state-owned assets are sold to private bodies or foreign investors.

Looking at the history of privatisation globally .The idea dates from ancient Greece when governments contracted out almost everything to the private sector. In the roman republic private individuals and companies performed the majority of services including tax collection. Though some work was done by state owned enterprises.

One of the first ideological movements towards privatization came during Chinas golden age of the Han dynasty. Some of the benefits  that were attached to privatisation included ensuring improved performance by reducing bureaucracy, increasing efficiency, avoiding corruption that dominate state monopolized entities, ensuring accountability and generating profit for the government . Has Uganda achieved any?

Will the children at lower levels of education still believe the topic about the ‘importance’ ,’advantages’ or benefits of Privatisation ? Will they believe that the same advantages are true basing on what we face after the privatisation the power sector?

They would be right to believe that the government can truly do with out it .Isn’t the government properly managing the  supply of water ?Forgive me for having many questions in this discussion but I think you can bear with me after having four days with out power .

I have learnt that Ugandans would at least manage the inefficiencies like they do under the government’s control of the water supply in the power sector. Let the misery of load shedding not go as far as making Ugandans long for Regimes like that of Idi Amin Dada where there was sufficient power amidst blood shed.

Seven years after the privatization of electricity distribution, demands are now high that government should  reposes the supply of power in the country. Ugandans believe that the crisis with power will be over and the power tariffs will be low.

Looking at the disadvantages of privatisation ,the abuse of public interest, the exposure of the public to negative externalities like pollution and degradation of the environment and unfair distribution of wealth in the country among others. This is what Ugandans have seen after privatisation. More harm than good.


  1. hello,can please get the core objectives of privatization adopted in Uganda,thank you.