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A pastor based in Kampala survived death by an angry man who stoned his car accusing him of loving his wife.

39 -year -old  Elvis Singa is accusing  Pastor Evans Mayambala  of loving his wife  Sauda Namata . Singa  says  that he has on several occasions found Pastor Mayambala with his wife  Namata until  he got tired of the situation and hit Mayambala’s vehicle with a stone.

Mayambala reported the incident to the old Kampala police station and filed a case of a man who wanted to kill him where by Singa was consequently arested.

In the twist of events Singa also filed a case against the pastor accusing him of loving his wife.

Singa explains the incident.

For  the first time in March 2011, he found Mayambala in his  sitting room with Sauda Namata at their home in Nsambya in Kirombe Zone when they were watching TV. He asked the wife the relationship between them, and the wife replied that he was her pastor.

In April 2011, he arrived at home and found his wife missing  at home, when she  came back at around 10:00pm, she appeared with  the pastor and he asked the person who had  brought her back home and she claimed that they have been at the prayer mountain in Seguku .She explained that since it was late ,the pastor offered to give her a lift.

Singa said that he started becoming suspicious and he decided to buy for his wife a car to save her from becoming so  close to the pastor but the same incidences went ahead.

He claims that during the burial of Pastor Michael Mugerwa in Masaka, Namata and Mayambala traveled in the same car.When they realized that Singa was following them, they almost fell in an accident.

He decided to put spys and on Sunday he was informed that his wife and Mayambala had lunch from 2K restaurant in Bakuli Kampala.

Singa was alerted that he confronted Mayambala ,he decided to knock him down and when he stood up he got a stone and Stoned the front mirror of his vehicle.

Mayambala however denies having an affair with Namata and he claims that they only have a gospel relationship because Namata is a pastor and he is also a pastor.