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A 38-year-old woman in Kisumu Islands, sigulu sub-county in Namayingo district was recently eaten by a crocodile as she collected water on the shores of Lake Victoria.

Akimu Ogaya was eaten by the crocodile at around 10:30pm.  Her 2-year old son, who was strapped on her back, however, survived the crocodile attack.

Residents discovered the child crying almost 2 hours after the mother had already been killed.

According to one of the residents, Sande Wafula, Akimu’s body parts like hands, eyes and toes were discovered at the scene of the attack.

Akimu’s Husband, Babu Okello, said; “I wanted one of our eldest son to escort her, but she had already gone by the time the boy came out to accompany her.”

It is said a crocodile had eaten Akimu’s eight-year old son about four months ago, ironically at the very same spot where she too met her fate.

The chairman of Kisumu island beach management unit, Peter Orego, said they had on several occasions asked the government to intervene and save the residents from crocodiles’ attacks, but in vain.

A total of 23 people have reportedly been killed by the crocodiles on the island since the start of this year.

Bukooli Island MP Peter Okeyoh said he had met the Minister of Tourism, Professor Ephraim Kamuntu, who promised to address the issue.

Okeyo said the government had agreed to compensate Akimu’s family.
He said there was urgent need to set up protected areas where people could fetch water.

Many of the people who have been eaten by the crocodiles on the island are women who went to fetch water.