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Uganda News Picks brings you the list of the most richest men in Uganda.They count their wealth in billions,they do not  know inflation nor can they  threatened with the high cost of living.

Most of them are in the City tycoons group called Kwagalana. They have invested a lot in apartments and their businesses are based on their own lands.They have  businesses  country wide and outside Uganda.

Though none of these men can be the richest person in Africa, we are very sure that they can make it to the list of the richest Africans or the list of the richest people in Africa

1. Sudhir Ruperalia

He owns various businesses in Kampala grouped under Ruperelia Group of Companies. These businesses include Banks, Hotels, Forex bureaus, schools among others.

He owns  Crane Chambers on Kampala Road, City House on Luwum/William, Raja Chambers, Baumann House, Development House on Parliamentary Avenue, Platinum House on Market Street  and  Club Sway on Kampala Road. Speke Resort Munyonyo, Kabira Country Club, Speke Hotel  on  Nile Avenue and  Tourist Hotel on Dastur Street. Crane Bank, Crane Forex Bureau, Meera Investments and Gold Trust Insurance Company are all his. Sudhir also owns Rosebud,  Kabira International School and Kampala Parents School .

2. Francis Drake Lubega

He started with selling clothes, and grinding posho which he used to sell to UPDF. He then  started importing various goods from foreign countries. He owns Jesco company and has over 10 arcades in the city center which include ; Energy Centre, Jesco Plaza on Wilson road and Namirembe Road, Qualicell Plaza, Bus Terminal, Qualicell Bus Park, Majestic Plaza, SB Plaza among others. His wealth is valued at sh.265 billion.

3.Micheal Ezra

Even his own father is unaware of where he gets the money.He comes from a relatively poor family. He  left Uganda 13 years ago and returned a millionaire. He is known for showing off his wealth and sponsoring sports activities in the country.He owns five customised Mercedes Benzes as well as the very first Lamborghini in the country.
In 2008 he paid for the  Uganda Sports Press Association gala at Hotel Africana,He has also made a lot of mega donations to  various activities in the country.He has an estimated fortune of   USD$200M

4.Godfrey Kirumira

Of the famous Kirumira Towers. , Kirumira rose to wealth and prominence after the NRM ascended power in 1986.He has many businesses assets like  the Kirumira towers and several fuel outlets (Shell and Gelp petrol stations).He has also had a lot of  influence in Express Football club. He  is known for  luring players away from his rivals with  cash bonuses.His fortune is estimated at USD$10M

5.Hassan Basajjabalaba

He owns Yudaya International company, , Haba Group of Companies, the biggest exporter of hides and skins. He  has bought a string of  hotels including ;White Horse Inn Kasese, Rena Hotel in Namirembe and Lake View Regency Hotel in Mbarara. He is the owner of Kampala International University which has  another branch in Mbarara district  and some other branches outside Uganda.He owns a lot of cars both personal and for business.Among the personal cars, some have personalized numberplate.

6.Charles Mbire

In 1985 ,he was a Managing Director of Pop-In Industries,became the  resident representative of the Hyundai Corporation in Uganda, became chairman of Uganda Inflight Service Limited, In 1998 he became the  Chairman of the Board of Directors of MTN Uganda.He entered into a joint venture  between MTN (Pty)Ltd, Telia AB (Sweden), Tri-Star SARl and Mbire’s investment company, Invesco (Uganda) Limited.

7.James Mulwana

He is the founder  and owner of Nice House of Plastics.He is one of East Africa’s finest Chief Executive Officers (CEO), s in the country and is  successful businessmen in Uganda.

Those familiar to him than us say that he was once a  bouncer at the then famous Suzana nightclub in Nakulabye several years ago.He later ventured into business  in the import-export business.

He later   ran a mail order business, exporting wooden combs to Shepherds Bush in the United Kingdom.  Mulwana set up Ship Tooth Brush (renamed Nice House of Plastics), the first company to manufacture toothbrushes in Africa,he later expanded it to the manufacture of tableware, packaging and knapsack sprayers. In 1992, he entered a partnership with some German businessmen and established Nsimbe Estates. He has an estimated fortune of  USD$30M

8.The Mehta’s

Nanji Kalidas Mehta  had a humble  background  but has rose to be placed among the richest people in the country ,He could even match on East African standards and beyond.He came as a young Indian merchant who sailed to East Africa in a country craft nearly a century ago.He is said to to have arrived at port Tanga and moved on foot up to Uganda.
He established a chain of 29 ginneries and plantations. He settled  in Lugazi and concentrated on sugar cane  growing.
He was one of the first exporters of Uganda’s cotton to Japan and other places which greatly helped in the establishment of the cotton industry in Uganda.
In 10970′s however ,his investments  were taken over by the Government during Amin’s economic war (1971-1972), which brought sugar production to near collapse.
However when the storm was over ,the family carried on with the sugar business.
9 .The Mukwano’s

They own the Mukwano Group of Companies, one of the biggest conglomerates in Uganda. It comprises: Mukwano Enterprises Ltd, A.K. Transporters Ltd, A.K. Oils & Fats (U) Ltd, A.K. Plastics (U) Ltd, A.K. Detergent (U) Ltd, Mukwano Sweets & Confectioneries (U) Ltd, Rwenzori Commodities Ltd and Mukwano Forex Bureau Ltd.
Ali Mohamed Karmali, a pioneer Indian Investor  came to Uganda in 1904,He became so popular with the locals who later nicknamed him  “Mukwano gwa bangi” Where the company derived its name. He developed his businesses in Uganda in the 1960′s but he also faced the wrath of Idi Amin in the  1970′, nevertheless ,he  was able to rebuild it in the 1980′s.

He established his businesses as  Mukwano Enterprises Ltd., which later expanded to include Mukwano Industries (U) Ltd.
In 1995 Mzee Mukwano  handed over the  control of the Group to his son, Alykhan Karmali.  He now spends most of his time in Fort Portal growing and processing tea for export. Their fortune is estimated at USD$700M

10.William Pike

He is the CEO of Capital FM and co-owner of Kenya’s KISS and Classic FM. He owns a mansion and apartments to let in Bugolobi.

11.The Merali Jivraj’s

The family has maintained a name among the wealthy in Uganda.They were based in western Uganda in a rural area called Kikagati. The Merali family amassed large sums of capital  in the  1960′S when Uganda was at the peak of mining in western Uganda.
The Meralis still  live low profile but  are well diversified into the Electronics & I.T sector, construction and property developments. Part of the family is based in the United Kingdom and has diversified into Property, tourism and the health sector. The family has an estimated fortune USD$18M


12.Ian Clarke

He owns  International Hospital in  Namuwongo, it is one of the most successful private hospitals in Uganda.

13.The Madhvani’s

The Madhvani family, originally from India, has been in business in Uganda for long,but it was expelled from Uganda By Amin in the 1070′s.The family returned in Uganda in the 1080′s.
The group owns two luxury hotels, the Paraa Safari Lodge in northern Uganda , Mweya Safari Lodge in western Uganda, which is an ideal base from which to track mountain gorillas. The group has an estimated fortune of  USD$800M

14.Patrick Quarcoo

He owns the  QG Saatchi and Saatchi  advertising business. He also has interests in Cool Graphics, Capital FM and KISS FM in Nairobi.

Other rich Ugandans  include  BMK whose wealth is valued at sh265 billion, Godfrey Wavamunno among others.