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Many Kampala residents have got involved in different businesses and these are some of the businesses that are most profitable for ordinary people in Kampala.

These are some of the most profitable businesses in Kampala;

  • Selling Music CD : many people are into that business and the start up capital is as little as 300,000/=
  • Setting up bars especially those that sell expensive beers and drinks and  with high class accommodation as Kampala people like high class things but this business need a lot of capital like 5,000,000/=
  • Selling women clothes and for children in markets and on the road sides.
  • Supermarkets but these ones need a lot of capital
  • Schools especially Nurseries, Day Cares and Kindergarten
  • Saloons for both men and women, for hair and skin therapy
  • Eating places and restaurants both high class and low class.
  • Selling fruits and fruit salads this needs only 50,000 as start capital
  • Selling cosmetics especially for women
  • Retail shops and Kiosks that sell soft drinks are also profitable in Kampala