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These are the top richest celebrities in Uganda:

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine  is one of the richest celebrities in Uganda, he owns a 4 billion mansion in Kasangati, one love beach and many businesses around Kampala. He also posses a range of world class cars


Ragga Dee :

Ragga Dee has been in the music industry for a long time. Though his music fame is slowly fading away, he still enjoys the fortune from his early music days when few singers could be compared to him

Geoffrey Lutaaya

Lutaaya is one of the most loved singers in Uganda. he has made alot of money from the sale of his albums, many which have hit the prime spot in the Ugandan music industry.  He signs from Eagles Production he owns Calender Rest house and many other businesses in Kampala

Jose Chameleon


Jose Chameloen dominated the Ugandan music industry, when he broke through with his Mama Mia song, ever since, Chameleon has had many hit songs which have contributed to his wealth. he is an international singer, and probably the most popular Ugandan singer internationally, as Bobi Wine is locally.  He is the president of the Leone Island


Angella Katatumba


She is a daughter to a rich tycoon Katatumba and she is also a managing director of Muyenga diplomate Hotel: Actually, Angella is not a very popular singer, most of her wealth can be traced to her favored background



  1. you left out mesach semakula is reacher than raga dee.

    1. VENNOM says:

      I still stress that Ragga dee still stands unbeatten VIA Riches, Followed by Bobiwine and the rest are just upcomming Tycoons

  2. Kennie Tasker says:

    Actually Bobi Wine is the richest Artist in Uganda

  3. Em sixtin says:

    how abt bebe cool?

  4. Bismark E-Sir says:

    whoz givez afuck

    1. namubiru says:

      how abt bebe cool