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This is the list of Uganda’s hottest female celebrities,  we believe that these Ugandan women are really hot and beautiful

Desire Luzinda

There is no doubt that Desire Luzinda is one of the hottest female celebrities in Uganda.  She has a gorgeous body which only the blind can miss seeing. She makes men gaze when ever she is on stage

Juliana Kanyomozi



Juliana Kanyomozi is simply the hottest Mutoro, she is very beautiful though she has been some how unlucly when it comes to love. She is the woman behind the famous Kibaluma song


Iryn Namubiru


Every one knows Iryn Namubiru, she is a girl with a great voice and body. She likes teasing men with her near naked dresses.


Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera


Grace Nakimera rose to fame with her Anfukula song, she has never dis appointed her fans since then. It is believed that she is the pioneer of breast show dresses. Grace is simply beautiful


Zuena Kirema Zuena Kirema

Zuena Kirema is the wife of Uganda’s top singer Bebe cool,  she has recently joined the music industry though in a controversial way. It is believed that Bebe Cool does not want any one to come close to his beautiful wife


Angella Katatumba

Angella Katatumba is one of those few with a God given beautiful voice. Apart from that, she is very rich and also very beautiful

Cindy Sanyu

Cindy Sanyu

Cinderella Sanyu is the woman behind the famous Ayokya yokya Song. She is a naturally beautiful Ugandan girl.


Zarina Hussein

Zarina Hussein is actually my favorite, i think she is the most beautiful Ugandan. Zarina is based in South Africa but when she comes to Uganda men are always chasing her around.




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