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Mukono District local government administration offices is in poor state. The district has no toilets and those the are there are either full or  dirty.

At the Education Departments the situation is worse the Latrines  were built in 1950, they have never been renovated up to now and the buildings are very old. They are very Dirty, no doors and in a very bad state.

The police headquarters in Mukono are also using the same toilets for the district. There is poor hygiene at the place and the district servants might soon suffer from poor hygiene related diseases.

In 2004 the Crest tank donated mobile plastic toilets to the district but even up to now they have never been renovated. Escon also built a toilet at the district headquarters but it was closed a week after the district failed to acquire a steady supply of Ash that could be used instead of water since the district does not have a steady water supply.