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I have some some other pictures of nice looking women but as you know, i have already made my choice. Below are the pictures of the women i think  can represent Ugandan beauty.  These beautiful women in Uganda are just my selection and you can also have your own list.

Beauty 1


Beauty 2
beauty 3
beauty 6
beauty 5
beauty 7
beauty 4
beauty 11
beauty 10
beauty 9
beauty 8



I have a belief that these are some of the most beautiful Uganda girls. Wow, Uganda has girls. You can find more beautiful girls at Dating Uganda.com where you can find Single and searching girls and men in Uganda


  1. okidi joseph says:

    they are sincerely beautiful and lovely and iam also requesting for one of their email addresses. thanks i wish you well in your beauty

    1. Thomas says:

      Yeah you are right they are really lovely and nice girls. I have also found some girls of this type in this site:
      Check it bro it is very interesting


      1. zack says:

        oh gosh wtf who is cute here!!!lol thay luk nasty..yeah they really need men,cuz no one is interested in any of them…go to hell bitches..come to USA a n see what beauty means!! lol

        1. jagwein prochino says:

          those babes were posted to ashame our country no way.of all those babes none is vetter than my girlfriend yet i also feel like dropping her go for other meat but you girls suck aaaarg

        2. Zakayo says:

          Zack yo so right!, thy are embarrassing us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. juan says:

          come to spain to know what is beauty, or come to lituania or croatia, but please… dont say that in USA u have the best chicks or sth similar… fatty girls and weird caucasian faces, thats what i saw

          1. davi says:

            how can i get to interact with some of those cuties…thanks

    2. banura says:

      none is beautiful

    3. nelson says:

      They are really hot let me think they were given no chance to prepare

    4. King Faisal says:

      OMG! It seems u ve neva met cute, sexy, pretty, en mo than beautiful ladies or galz! Even the Bible says, they ve eyez but they can not c. Where did u get dize picz frm? The tittle en picz do not much at all. May be da is ur best selection Mr or Mrs, Ms Selecita! Wat I ve realized in ur selection, u ve neva met cute, sexy, pretty en mo than beautiful ladies in Ug! Ug/Kla has ebyana, so cute en attractive! 4 doze 1z u ve not published, pliz just dont do so! May God make u meet them, Amen.

  2. muo50@yahoo.com says:

    r ur babes single and searchin

  3. Alex says:

    What the hell! no wonder black guys can’t be arsed with their own race…

    1. shebra says:

      dont speak of the black race that way Alex,coz u sound racist,c’mon style up pliz.

  4. martine says:

    I agree with, these should be the miss Uganda contestants. Awesome girls, u have good eye man

  5. denis says:

    i am looking fro a sugar mummy