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Two children have been killed by their step mother who removed them from school, Luzinga Primary School in Buyinja village Kyannamukaaka sub-county and gave them poisoned doughnuts in Masaka.

The woman, who was identified as Justine Namutebi, was second wife to Frank Ssekitoleko. She lost her baby sometime back and was told by a witchdoctor it was her co-wife who had killed her children. Since then, she had been vowing to do something terrible to the woman who separated from Frank 3 months ago.

According to Frank, the mother of his two dead children separated from him 3 months ago and relocated to Mukono district. “We separated and she went to Mukono but she did not go with the children. I did not go after her but remained instead. When Namutebi lost our first born, she started saying it was my first wife who killed the baby and vowed to harm her in any way possible,” Frank narrated.

The murdered children are Gerald Ssali who was in his Primary one and his sister Joanita. According to the children who saw them being led away by their step mother, they were lured by bread which she had given them upon calling them. “She (Namutebi) came and called Joan and Gerald. She gave them bread and then told them to follow her so that she could give them some doughnuts. They went near that bush (pointing to a bush nearby) and emerged later without them,” the boy narrated.

The two children were found in the bush as earlier indicated, near a well one of them was already dead as the other was rushed to the hospital for immediate care but also managed to die after wards. The children were staying with their grandmother, Benna Namugerwa. Explaining the appearance of the murderer, the boy said, “She was carrying a water jerrycan and had a scarf which was hiding her face.”

Police man, Babu Benard said the children had been taken to the hospital so that their cause of death can be established. He called onto the people to hand over Namutebi if seen, spotted or even heard a rumor of her possible where abouts. The village residents, in anger started ransacking every house of any person they knew Namutebi had ties of friendship, companionship or even a relative. They were urged to let the police handle the matter.

Namutebi has gone into hiding and the police are looking for her.