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Upon returning home from work, Mutyabule, 30, on Saturday to found his wife in a neighbor’s house. In anger, he publicly humiliated her by undressing her in public.

Nandudu, wife of Mutyabule was with her lover Amooti, a boda boda rider who is a neighbor. She has two children with her husband and neighbors have noted that they knew about the affair since she would abandon her two children and go into Amooti’s house till late.

This happened in Wanyange zone in Mafubira sub-county, Jinja District on Saturday. Mutyabule acknowledged the fact that he had on several occasions warned his wife against going to Amooti’s house. He said Nandudu had always denied the allegations that she was having an affair with Amooti.

Residents and neighbors say the affair had been going on for a period of four months. Draped in her Adam’s suit, Nandudu confessed to the affair and boldly claimed she loved Amooti. He (Amooti) got inspired by the confession of his lover and pounced onto Nandudu’s husband, Mutyabule. He was immediately over powered and in despair, reported the matter to the LC’s.

He was however ignored by the LC’s saying that he (Amooti) was being a trouble causer.

In yet another story, a man who was transporting his brother’s body for burial ended up beating it up and calling it stubborn. “You were a very stubborn man. You disturbed us so much and you want to be stubborn even in death,” Musa shouted, as he caned his brother

While transporting the body, Musa got mechanical problems (since he had no money, he was transporting the body on his bicycle). The bicycle got several mechanical problems which led to Musa beating up the body.

After the beating however, it is said that he did not encounter any other problem thereafter. He said that before transporting his brother, his bicycle had no problems but they developed after he put the body on it. He later reached the burial grounds without any disturbances.