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I consider Uganda to have the biggest number of tribes in Africa although some disagree. Anyway, with over ten tribes in the country, one can only imagine what chaos we have here. Of all those tribes however, there are those which are mostly recognized by the people. They are central – Muganda, East – Musoga, Mugishu, Mugwere, West – Mukyankole, Munyoro, Mutooro, Mukiga, North – Langi, Acholi, Lugbara. These are the most recognized tribes in Uganda today.

However, of all the above, the agony of being a Musoga is far worse than being of any other tribe. The Basoga are found in the eastern part of Uganda in the districts of Jinja, Iganga, Kamuli, among others. The following are some of the things that are related to the tribe of the Basoga although it is not a guarantee that every Musoga bears these traits.

A Musoga is usually related to stupidity. When a person mentions he/ she is a Musoga, the first thing that comes into mind is that person is stupid. Do not take it wrongly Basoga, it is just that you are the poorest in the whole of Uganda with the highest rate of illiteracy in the country. Your Pidgin English does not help you either.

Arrogance and disobedience is also another trait of the Basoga. When someone is stubborn for no good reason, they are usually abused saying you are as stubborn as the Basoga. Now imagine being told that when you actually are a Musoga, the nail would have been hit on the head.

As for the arrogance, true, every one is arrogant but none more than the Basoga. They do not listen to reason and brag about what they do not have. How can you be stupid, stubborn and arrogant at the same time? Well, i can only say it is a bad combination to be avoided at all costs.

The kingship of the Basoga is also another mystery. I mean the Kyabazinga dies and two years later, they are still looking for a replacement. To make matters worse, they put politics into the whole thing, talk about being disorganized. There are the late Kyabazinga’s sons but still they have not yet got a ‘rightful heir’, what kind of life is that anyway?

The language, well I do not have anything against the Basoga and I do personally speak the language but when you go the village and listen to those people speaking, you just wonder why they do not utter the right words the right way. They elongate the words unnecessarily to make it sound like the Indians and in a way, it is irritating. They go ahead and add this trait when speaking the English language, now that is so annoying.

However, do not think they are known mainly for the above alone, the Basoga are considered to have the most beautiful people in Uganda. A Musoga woman is so pretty and although she does not have the typical African look (round hips, big butt and a small waist), she is so attractive physically, even in their poor state. Now, just imagine her being taken care of and you will see a real beauty. The same goes for the men although my mother warned that if I ever brought a Musoga man home to marry, she would chase me and the man out of her house – yet she is a Musoga, catching the flow?

But do not be biased, the Basoga are good people. Their unity astonishes me. When you are in any other part of the country and you speak the language (lusoga), the Basoga will welcome you and make you a friend immediately. They will talk to you as though they have known you all their lives, that is one thing I appreciate about them.

Well, the agony of being a Musoga is in being one in another part of the country, now there you will get criticisms like none you have ever received. Keep on reading, we will bring you all that you need to know about Ugandan tribes, their weaknesses and strengths.


  1. claudio mak says:

    Glory be to God, however posted the above information is him self what he has mentioned about the Basonga. If your not informed, we have litle time for lectures, but its government involvement into busoga affairs that has delayed the enthronment of new kyabazinga.

    Where are we heading, if u take Basoga to be arrongante, stupid, u have not talked about baganda, the northerners and the westerners of those who are not arrongante.

    revise your notice.

  2. cissy says:

    Not every musoga is stupid as i read here. we have very important people in uganda who are soge’s like now the speaker of parliament rebecca kadaga. she is a typical musoga lady. i just wonder how could she be handling those activities when she is so stupid like u wrote. back in a days we had specioza kazibwe as the vice president of uganda. idont think she could have finished even one term if she was stupid.

    1. aida balunywa says:

      Am a musoga but i just wish i wasnt one,truly speaking basoga are one of the most annoying pple in uganda,ofcourse when some1 generalities they are talking of about above 75% of the common characteristics so the small remaining % is negligible and of course taking in consideration the educated,exposure to other cultures etc help to dilute the core musoga behavior though i hav seen majority who even after a brush with such still remain unnecessarily loud mouthed,arrogant without reason,annoyingly backward in reasoning,brag about the little they have achieved,want to be recognized for the little they have done,very big headed and impolite without reason,believe so much in witchcraft,very jealous of each other and other tribes,dirty and careless about general devt,promiscuous and use explicit language even in descent places like work etc but non the less we should all accept what we are born into and try to be part of the better minority which can eventually be the majority.cheers

  3. kis says:

    who ever wrote that article was misinformed……..pliz donot go by rumours….cme dwn here n find out the truth

  4. kis says:

    4 what ever nonsense u utter out……we wil never feel belittled, we wil remain sogies moving everywhere with our heads up…4 ur information ..sogies ar nt da poorest n ug

  5. Lusse Stephene says:

    U people in buganda you think ur from heaven but you have the Kakoozas, sekandi, who go under President’s private parts to smell and enjoy life now who is stupid? your creating so many things to fool basoga but you will regret in future when time comes to decide who is stupid