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Today Chameleon is exposed as Uganda’s top earning musician in the last two years i.e.up to July 2010. The self proclaimed Jose Chameleon did Bayuda concert in January and Basiima Ogenze
early this year. The two shows were very successful. He sang the 2010 World Cup song with top stars like Rowland Kelly.

His flashy wedding with Daniella Atim is one of his fondest memories – he flew his bride in a chopper! he had always dreamt of doing that. Chameleon grew up in Kololo. His father however later moved them to Kawempe a Kampala suburb.

He entered primary school through the back door but excelled when interviewed later. Music has run in Chameleon’s family for generations; his grandfather was a guitarist, his father a trombonist and his uncles were DJs. His desire to sing started as a kid in the 80s when he saw children of his age sing in the video for the song, Wedding day by the late Brenda Fassie.

Chameleon and his wife Daniella

His greatest fear in life are hypocrites. He does not have a special preference for mixed race women as many people think. Chameleon is so emotional that he battles to keep a lid on his emotions. His favourite books is the Bible and his favoutire hangout is Cheri Cafe in Kabalagala.

Chameleone’s biggest hits include Jamila, Mama Rhoda, Shida za Dunia, Kipepeo, Bei Kali, Fitina Yako, Haraka Haraka, Mambo Bado, and Ndivyo Sivyo

He is a member of the Musician’s Community, a coalition of musicians who use their fame and fortune to help eradicate poverty and create HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.

Chameleons wife at there introduction ceremony

During the past year, the raspy-voiced, wild haired Chameleon has been dogged by scandal and rumor. This has included beef with other Ugandan artists, the alleged arrest of his Belgian ex-wife and mother of his daughter, having East Africa Radio and East Africa Television refusing to play his music because of a publicized public brawl, losing contracts, facing a lawsuit and media reports that his reign as a top artist was over.